Eric Hobsbawm Documentary

April 20, 2021

A new documentary on the life and legacy of the great historian Eric Hobsbawm, The Consolations of History, has been released by the magazine London Review id Books,

Hobsbawm wrote many articles for the magazine as the documentary touches upon but the film’s strength is its focus on his scholarship, the political scope of his work, and the political activism that he was involved in throughout his life.

Hobsbawm was not a neutral observer, a Marxist whose views of history and politics were informed by the class struggle.

I found the story of his childhood to be very interesting. He was a citizen of the world from the beginning of his life.

Also, listening to Hobsbawm speaking in Italian, fluently, was disarming and wonderful.

His four books on world history which cover the time period from the French Revolution through the 20th century are absolutely essential, The depth of analysis and the high quality if the writing are extraordinary.

This documentary provides an insightful and fascinating look at Hobsbawn’s personal, professional, and political life.

Highly recommended.

Voice of theDay

April 13, 2021

“I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do.”

James Baldwin

Exterminate All the Brutes

April 10, 2021

Raoul Peck;s latest film, Exterminate All the Brutes, is a four-part documentary on HBO. Peck challenges the long accepted establishment narratives of history and its white mythologies,

His two previous films, The Young Karl Marx and I Am Not Your Negro, are great works,

I was deeply moved by both but even more so by I Am Not Your Negro which is a documentary about James Baldwin and the black freedom struggle in the United States which he lived and wrote so brilliantly about.

I highly recommend both films.

I am really looking forward to Raoul Peck’s new work which will undoubtedly be highly illuminating and unforgettable. .

Music Video of the Week

April 10, 2021

Peter Gabriel – Biko

Cartoon of the Day

April 5, 2020


Music Video of the Week

May 18, 2019

Brenda Navarrete – Rumbero Como Yo


La Voz del Día

May 18, 2019

“Libres son quienes crean, no quienes copian, y libres son quienes piensan, no quienes obedecen.”

– Eduardo Galeano


Bill Evans on Kind Of Blue

May 17, 2019

A fantastic interview with Bill Evans in which he discusses the making of Kind Of Blue, Miles Davis’s musicianship and musical influences.

Also, Evans provides an inside look at the inner workings of the band that created one of the most influential and greatest jazz albums of all time.

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Maradona Documentary

May 14, 2019

Here’s the trailer for the Diego Maradona documentary.

A life lived fully with lots of ups and downs, moments of footballing glory and scandals.

A phenomenal football player, currently a manager, an extraordinary life still unfolding, a man who still holds the attention of the world. 

Unseen Kafka works may soon be revealed

April 18, 2019

The latest chapter in a literary drama that has played out through two centuries.

Kafka would surely be revolted by all of it.

However, its been well proven that artists are not always the best judges of their own work.

Max Brod performed a great service to the world by ignoring his friend’s request and instead exercised great literary judgement.     

Whatever Kafka writings remain unreleased need to be published.

A long-hidden trove of unpublished works by Franz Kafka could soon be revealed after a decade-long battle over his literary estate that has drawn comparisons to some of his surreal tales.

A district court in Zurich upheld Israeli verdicts in the case last week, ruling that several safe-deposit boxes in the Swiss city could be opened and their contents shipped to Israel’s national library.

The papers could shed new light on one of literature’s darkest figures, a German-speaking Jew from Prague whose cultural legacy has been hotly contested between Israel  and Germany.

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