Why Is We Americans?

January 16, 2022

10 best debut novelists of 2022

January 16, 2022

This is the ninth year in which the Observer’s writers and editors spent the busy weeks before Christmas with our heads down in dozens of forthcoming debut novels, written by authors who live in the UK and Ireland, in order to give you a heads-up on 2022’s 10 best.

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Sonny Rollins Interview

January 15, 2022

Here’s a wonderful interview done recently with jazz legend and music giant Sonny Rollins.

Sonny’s life, music career, and other topics are discussed.

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Three important books on race in America

January 10, 2022

Let’s consider a trio of books that can be helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of racism, both its practice and its ideological components, including in the current period.

Most current of the three is The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story (2021), created by Nikole Hannah-JonesIt consists of nineteen essays by eighteen different authors. The date signifies when the first enslaved Africans were delivered to Jamestown, Virginia. Most of the essays originally appeared in the New York Times in 2019 to mark 400 years of enslavement and its aftermath.

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