The Police reunite for Grammys

January 31, 2007

An actual reunion that is worth getting excited about. Will it be a one time performance or will it lead to a tour and maybe a new album?

Its wishful thinking on my part but it would be amazing to see them back together again for something more than just a Grammys performance.

They are great musicians and would no doubt create that old magic once more and who knows maybe Sting would be inspired to write some great songs again.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Police will reunite to open the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 11, The Recording Academy said on Tuesday, fueling speculation that the hit 1980s band is planning a reunion tour.

The five-time Grammy-winning band, led by frontman Sting, with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, split up in 1984 and was last seen playing together in 2003 to commemorate their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Party planned for Bush’s death

January 31, 2007

Whole world planning “death parties” for Bush, war, and capitalism
January 31, 2007
Victor S. Surge

EARTH – With the planet’s ecosystems and humanity’s social and economic systems seriously ill, cities and towns all over the world are making plans to throw huge parties when the wars, empire and capitalist system promoted by U.S. President George W. Bush finally die.

The announcement of these post-war, post-empire, post-Bush, and post-capitalist parties was, experts claimed, a response to news that assorted right-wingers, gusanos, other reactionaries and assorted nihilists were planning to have a Fidel Castro “death party” at Miami’s Orange Bowl when the ailing Cuban leader passes away.

“The Orange Bowl would never be able to fit all those who would want to celebrate the end of George Bush and his imperial wars,” explained a leading death party expert I.M Grimm, explaining the decentralized nature of the planned parties, adding that in contrast to Castro, “a massive football stadium like that would certainly never fit the hundreds of thousands of victims of Bush and his wars, nor could it possibly contain the millions that continue to live in misery or die premature deaths due to capitalism.”

Grimm further explained that the “death watch” for Bush, war and capitalism might seem premature to many, but that is only because their newspapers, TV networks and other paid functionaries have been concealing their poor health. “No matter what the White House spokespeople say, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that global capitalism is very sick indeed. Look at the symptoms: increasing levels of inequality and poverty, all these bloody wars, and new socialist and left-wing movements rising up to kill it, especially in Latin America.”

Health scientists, while divergent on the prognosis for capitalism, agreed that its death would come sooner or later and that the world would be better for it.

“Look, we all know no social system can live forever, but it can cause a lot of damage to those who have to live under it before it passes away,” noted infectious disease specialist Dr. Carling Hengel. “Feudalism was eventually killed by capitalism, but not before bringing a literal plague on humanity. Now it’s capitalism that is well past senility, and its continued survival threatens the planet’s vital ecosystems and, with climate change, all its species.”

While most of the world’s population, especially the majority living in poverty, welcomed the news of the planned death parties, some were critical. “Death parties should be reserved for the demise of left-wing crackpots and troublemakers like Castro, Allende, Malcolm X, or that Chavez pain in the ass,” asserted U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney. “I was just a youngster the day Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, busy with avoiding fighting in Vietnam, but me and some other young Republicans had some fun that night, let me tell you,” Cheney concluded, without saying how he personally would celebrate Castro’s demise.

One headline making the rounds about the planned Castro death party noted that organizers planned to “party like it’s 1959” at the Orange Bowl. When Cubans in Havana were told about this, some noted that they shared that sentiment exactly. “In 1959, we got rid of those gangsters and exploiters – many took their money and ran that year, because a popular revolution had come to power,” explained an anonymous worker at a daycare facility that used to be a mansion belonging to an American millionaire.

Details about the worldwide post-Bush, post-war, post-capitalism parties were unable to be obtained by deadline. There have been, however, a number of unconfirmed reports that festivities are already underway in some neighborhoods of Caracas, and in parts of the Bolivian highlands.

One Mexican “death of capitalism” party organizer, who refused to give his name or even unmask his face, gave only cryptic details about plans, “either we celebrate capitalism’s death all over the world this century, as they have begun in Cuba and Venezuela, or this century could see the death of human civilization as we know it.”

“Either the gravediggers of capitalism get it together in the 21st century, or capitalism will put this whole planet in its grave,” the masked organizer concluded.

The least planning for death of capitalism parties appears to have been done in the United States. “That could just be because the Super Bowl is this Sunday, or because so many youth are busy having K-Fed/Britney break-up parties, ” speculated Grimm.

Despite all the morbid party planning, 80 year-old Fidel Castro has yet to die, six months after stepping down due to a serious illness. In fact, many Castro-type notions seem to be spreading, to places like Ecuador, Nicaragua and throughout Latin America. Both the war in Iraq and capitalism are alive and killing, and capitalist-induced global warming looms to threaten millions more with displacement and death.

“History will never be able to absolve Bush, his wars, or capitalism for what they have done to humanity and the planet,” concluded Dr. Hengel.

Cartoon of the Day

January 31, 2007

Iran in firing line

January 31, 2007

Two articles of note in today’s Guardian. It is amusing that neocon darling or is it former neocon? Fukuyama is pointing fingers at his comrades and is in despair over a possible US attack on Iran.

Bush spoiling for a fight with Iran

The neocons have learned nothing from five years of catastrophe

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January 29, 2007

Bush Hits Iraq Bottom

January 29, 2007

Almost as unpopular as Nixon. Well, by the time Bush is out office he will probably have finished redeeming Nixon all by himself.

The level of incompetence and failure that he represents is that large. If only Tricky Dick was still alive to see how his reputation is being repaired.

At this point, even if Bush pulls Bin Laden out of a rabbit’s hat and has him executed in front of the world, Saddam style, he’ll surely get a boost in the polls but it would not be significant.

The catastrophe in Iraq, which Bush is directly responsible for, will remain unaffected even with a Bin Laden capture.

The American people have come full circle on the war and finally realized that it is a complete disaster and that the cost in dollars, US and Iraqi lives is not worth it and an immediate end to this tragedy is needed.


By NILES LATHEM Post Correspondent

January 29, 2007 — President Bush, battered by the war in Iraq, has become one of the least-popular presidents in the country’s history, new polls reveal.

According to a CBS News poll, his approval rating is down to a paltry 28 percent.

Newsweek’s survey gives him a slightly better 30 percent and the latest Gallup Poll says 31 percent of Americans approve of the way he’s doing his job.

Not since Jimmy Carter and the Iran hostage crisis, or Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, has a modern president gotten such dismal numbers.

Carter’s approval rating at his lowest point in the polls was 26 percent, according to CBS. Nixon’s was 24 percent, according to Gallup.

The Nixon poll was conducted in August 1974, just days before he became the only president to resign from office.

Bush is so unpopular that more than half the country wishes he would leave office now. The explosive Newsweek survey, released yesterday, says 58 percent of Americans would be happy to see him step down immediately.

That feeling is shared by 86 percent of the Democrats surveyed, 59 percent of independents and even 21 percent of Republicans.

Newsweek reported that 53 percent of Americans said they believe history will judge Bush as a below-average president.

Bush’s albatross is the war in Iraq, pollsters said.

So deep is America’s frustration over the conflict that Bush needs a home run – like the capture of Osama bin Laden – just to get his approval ratings back in the 40s.

“Our data show that at this point, speeches are not going to make much difference,” said Frank Newport, editor of the Gallup Poll.

“The data show that he will need to present some demonstrable evidence that things are getting better in Iraq.”

Only 22 percent of those polled by Newsweek think Bush’s decisions about Iraq are influenced mainly by the facts.

Nearly 70 percent say his decisions have been influenced more by his personal beliefs.

The Bush presidency will almost certainly be a study of highs and lows.

After enjoying a 90 percent approval rating after 9/11 – the highest short-term rating of any president in history – Bush sank to a low of 28 percent last week, just days before his State of the Union Address, according to the CBS figures. That’s the biggest fluctuation in presidential popularity since polls have been taken, Newport said.

Bush’s father, George H.W Bush, saw his popularity plummet during his single White House term.

The older Bush’s approval rating peaked at 89 percent after the first Gulf War, then fell to 29 percent amid a foundering economy.

But the elder Bush finished his presidency months later with a respectable 56 percent rating.

Gallup poll data show that President John F. Kennedy had the highest sustained approval ratings in modern history, consistently scoring in the 60s and 70s in his abbreviated tenure.

The only other modern president whose popularity stayed consistently above 50 percent was Dwight Eisenhower.

Even Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, two of the most popular presidents of recent times, experienced low ratings early in their administrations.

“It’s just not possible to stay popular every day for eight years,” said presidential scholar Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. “At some point, something is going to happen or you are going to do something to make you unpopular.”

Clinton left office with a 66 percent approval rating and Reagan with a 63 percent approval rating.

Their popularity remained high even during Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal and Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky embarrassment.

Bush is enjoying no such support. According to the Newsweek survey, 71 percent of Americans view him as an ineffectual “lame duck.”

In the same poll, 64 percent of Americans said Congress has not been assertive enough in challenging the Bush administration’s conduct of the war.

The United States Congress

January 28, 2007

Day after day after day…

They know nothing about

brotherly love in time of war.

They do not serve.

They do not get it.

They do not understand

the same blood that

flows between soldiers.

They do not see them

take their last breath.

They never put a dead teenager

on a chopper.

They never saw a dead soldier

put in the back of a lonely truck,

after the Medevac helicopter landed.

They never saw a soldier shoot

himself in the head with his M-16,

because he couldn’t take it anymore.

He saw too much, too often, too many tours.

Congress never saw the splattered blood,

and brains inside the tent.

They never saw his urine soaked uniform.

They never had a Vet friend hang himself in

a motel room, because he couldn’t take it anymore.

They never had a Vet friend die homeless.

They never had a Vet friend die from Agent Orange.

Congress really doesn’t know that goes on.

They never met a veteran who was ordered to

take part in murdering over 50 innocent civilians.

They know nothing about being hated in another

country, because you are the invader.

Congress knows nothing about war.




Day after day after day.

Mike Hastie

U.S. Army Medic

Vietnam 1970-71

The Hurricane Song

January 28, 2007

New Orleans since the hurricane

Thousands Demand Iraq Withdrawal

January 27, 2007

Tens of thousands demand Iraq withdrawal

By CALVIN WOODWARD and LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – Protesters energized by fresh congressional skepticism about the Iraq war demanded a withdrawal of U.S. troops in a demonstration Saturday that drew tens of thousands and brought Jane Fonda back to the streets.

A sampling of celebrities, a half dozen members of Congress and busloads of demonstrators from distant states joined in a spirited rally under a sunny sky, seeing opportunity to press their cause in a country that has turned against the war.

Standing on her toes to reach the microphone, 12-year-old Moriah Arnold told the crowd: “Now we know our leaders either lied to us or hid the truth. Because of our actions, the rest of the world sees us as a bully and a liar.”

The sixth-grader from Harvard, Mass., the youngest speaker on the National Mall stage, organized a petition drive at her school against the war.

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Cartoon of the Day

January 26, 2007