Rubén Blades is very busy these days

Ruben’s creative fire is still burning strongly.

There’s alot of things going on lately:

An album of Tango music, a Brazilian album, a Rock en Español album, an album of Spanish ballads, and thankfully, a Salsa album.

How many artists have the talent and confidence to take on such a wide range of musical projects?.

It’s truly remarkable.

Oh, and a little acting too with De Niro on a movie about boxing legend Roberto Duran.

Here’s hoping that Ruben’s muse continues to move him forward.

Ruben Blades making disc with Paco de Lucia, filming with De Niro

New York, Jul 12 (EFE).- New projects are piling up on the agenda of Ruben Blades, the Panamanian singer, poet, actor, lawyer and politician who continues to take on new challenges – like recording a disc of boleros with Paco de Lucia and acting alongside Robert De Niro in a biopic of boxer Roberto Duran.

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