91 Goals

91 goals.

In one year.

The latest accomplishment in Lionel Messi’s career.

It is a staggering number.

It seems unreal but it isn’t because with Messi anything is possible on the football field.

Even at this stage of Lio’s career, all the praise, recognition, marvel, and other words used to describe his talent and greatness have been exhausted.

Is there really anything new or original that can be said about this extraordinary football player who continues to break records, make history and add new chapters to his Ongoing Legend?.

There are people that argue that Messi cannot be considered one of the best players in football history unless he wins a World Cup.

I disagree.

Messi has already earned that status and before his career is over he may very well be the greatest player in the history of the game.

I think it is shortsighted and wrong to attempt to define Messi’s career and legacy by whether he wins or does not win a World Cup.

Messi’s accomplishments in European football have blazed a great trail for him and have him on the great path that he is on as a football player.

It is making the argument that, in the end, winning a World Cup must be the defining moment/accomplishment for Messi and his place in football history more and more irrelevant.

Messi’s brilliance does not need to be established once every four years because it is there for all to see every week, all the time.

91 goals in one year.

Will anyone ever get near or even break that record?

As the saying goes, all records are meant to be broken but it may be a while before this one is surpassed.

Or maybe not.

Because with Messi anything is possible on the football field.


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