Ozzie and Cuba

As a baseball fan I could not avoid following the “controversy” regarding Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen and his alleged comments expressing love and admiration towards Fidel Castro.

As is generally the case with any political figure that is considered hostile or an enemy by the US government, the US corporate media falls right in line.

The remarks made by Guillen were taken out of context by the TIME magazine reporter that interviewed him and the rest of the media, of course, ran with it.

Guillen did not make a political statement in support of Fidel Castro.

The mistake Guillen made, a senseless and avoidable one, was not saying what he actually said, but rather choosing to say what he said knowing what the political climate in Miami is regarding Castro and the Cuban Revolution and knowing that his comments would result in a vicious backlash against him. Guillen knows the Cuban community in Miami very well and he is aware of their hatred towards and vilification of Fidel Castro.

It was foolish on Guillen’s part to even mention Fidel Castro in any manner that is not negative. Guillen knows, that is completely unacceptable to the media and Cuban community in Miami but he still chose to do so.

There’s another aspect to the story.

I’m always fascinated or actually amused by the selective outrage of the media.

Ozzie Guillen is the latest example.

On the one hand, the media strongly condemns Guillen for making, in their misrepresentation of the facts, an admiring comment about Fidel Castro but yet Guillen’s homophobic and sexist remarks, which he’s made over the years, have not resulted in the same level of outrage and moral indignation from the media, let alone any calls for his firing.

Sadly, those type of bigoted statements are still socially and politically acceptable in the US and allowed under the concept of free speech.

However, the topic of Fidel Castro and Cuba, remain in a different free speech category all of its own that apparently, is not so free after all.


2 Responses to Ozzie and Cuba

  1. BAM! Great post, brother. Glad to have you back!

  2. thehealer31 says:


    I’ve been too busy lately but I can’t stay away completely from the blogosphere. I have to come back 🙂

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