10 Great Memoirs by Musicians

The best memoir by a musician that I’ve ever read is Miles Davis’ autobiography.

You can feel Miles’ voice throughout the book, very honest, funny and poignant as well.

100% Real.

I must say I’ve never been a big fan of memoirs by musicians. Most follow the same pattern which is to fill their books with lots of tales of personal indiscretions of every type and gossip about other musicians. These books, of course, always have a reading audience which is why they are constantly published but every so often there are some memoirs that are worth reading like several on this list.

Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash’s books are very interesting and really, how could these memoirs not be, as they have lived extraordinary lives as artists and human beings. We are fortunate to be able to get a glimpse into their artistry, spirit and humanity.

These are the musical memoirs that stand out among the other chronicles of human wreckage.

10 Great Memoirs by Musicians


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