Cooper Union Rejects St. Mark’s Bookshop’s Plea for Lower Rent

No mercy at all from the ownership class not even in these terrible economic times. I don’t want to sound surprised though, because I’m not.

Along with The Strand, the St. Mark’s Bookshop is my other favorite book store in New York.

Small in size but a great place for book lovers. I especially love their political section. A fantastic varied selection of books and their magazine section too. Hard to find political and literary magazines in addition to all other magazines that are in stock.

I really hope the store survives.

It would be a huge loss to NYC.

BY Rich Schapiro

St. Mark’s Bookshop not granted rent cut from landlord, faces closure despite community’s support

The struggling St. Mark’s Bookshop was dealt more bad news Tuesday when its owners were told they will not receive a rent reduction.

Owners Bob Contant and Terry McCoy found out their bid for a $5,000 rent cut was nixed by landlord Cooper Union in a meeting with T.C. Westcott, a vice president for finance and administration at the arts and engineering school.

“They don’t feel they can do anything in terms of the rent,” McCoy said. “She started out by telling us that Cooper is really losing a lot of money.”

Westcott told them Cooper Union is “broke,” McCoy said.

She did offer Contant and McCoy a deal: They can defer a month’s rent and pay it back over time.

Click here to view the entire article


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