My World

My World

My world is a world of creativeness, name it
whatever you want,
For my world is our world,
Of no more poverty or human indignity.
No more hot and cold running cockroaches and king-size rats,
Of horror, hunger, and pain running free.

My world is all the warmth that always comes through free,
My world is no more promises that never come to be,
My world is never scorn, hatred, beatings, and bigotry,
My world is human beings, feeling freedom and dignity.
My world is really loving.

My eyes have beholden poor peoples march
Whose only hopes have been dashed.
My eyes have beholden humanity smashed
Whose only want was to be free.

But always will my eyes refuse to see,
As long as life lives in me,
The hopes of my people crushed under all the world’s adversity.

I do not wish destruction to be our cause,
But I do not believe that all my brothers and sisters
Among all the cities and all the mountains
And all the valleys and by the sea,
Can stop short of anything but dignity–
No matter what their color may be.


– Piri Thomas


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