Troy Davis Will Live On

It’s two days later and I’m still numb.

Numb from the anger. Numb from sadness. Numb from the heartbreak.

The executioner’s won again.

The barbarians that rule over the justice system got their way again.

Another innocent man, another Black man, murdered by the government.

But this time the world was watching and so were many people in the US, for a change.

Troy’s case struck a nerve.

Troy’s execution has exposed the unfairness and barbarity of the death penalty to alot of people.

Troy’s execution has educated alot of people about the US criminal justice system.

Troy’s execution has awoken alot of sleepy minds.

All of this powerful. All of this is a force.

A force for change.

May Troy’s tragedy be just that.

A force for change.

Real change.

For once and for all.

May this wave of anger and outrage over Troy’s legal lynching result in a powerful new abolitionist movement, everyone united, fighting harder than ever, to abolish the death penalty.

And to continue to challenge and expose the racism, injustice and inequality of the US criminal justice system.

Troy Anthony Davis, you will NEVER be forgotten.

Brother, Your struggle is Our struggle.

WE ARE TROY DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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