Georgia Board of Pardons Rejects Clemency for Troy Davis

The decision has been made.

Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, a nameless, faceless, board of political appointees, gave the green light for Troy Davis’ execution.

It is a shameful, unjust and disgraceful decision.

But not unexpected.

The justice system does not work for us.

Blacks, Latinos and all people of color.

It is a rotten system that cannot be reformed.

The injustice, inequality and racism that is so prevalent in the US justice system is a reflection of the society at large that we live in.

The justice system does not operate in a vacuum. It is an integral part of our society, such as it is.

Another innocent man, another black man will be executed for no other reason than the color of his skin and the color of the murder victim’s skin. That is always the damning evidence after all.

For Troy Davis, more than 20 years of physical, mental and spiritual torture has not been enough.

The final stage of a monstrous injustice is about to be committed on Wednesday.

What’s happening to Troy Davis is a legal lynching. It is not hyperbole.

The courts convict people to die without any physical evidence and no murder weapon.

It is a nation of barbarians that we live in.

A nation that is cruel, inhumane, and supremely undemocratic.

Troy Davis’ blood is on all of us.

Those watching and those that are asleep.

There will be no closure for Troy, his family, and his supporters.

There will be no closure for the murder victim’s wife and mother who have been energetically calling for Troy’s execution.

There will be no closure for all the victims of the US justice system.

There will be no closure until the death penalty is abolished in the United States.

And There will be no final and complete closure until we live in a truly just and equal society.


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