Call Georgia Governor for Troy Davis!!


PLEASE, call the office of Governor Nathan Deal at 404-656-1776 and urge the governor to STOP the execution of Troy Davis, that has now been scheduled for September 21.

Troy Davis is innocent. 7 of the 9 non-police witnesses in his case RETRACTED their statements. AND, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE linking Troy Davis to the scene of the murder he is accused of.

Please go to the website for Troy Davis at:

Please, also take action there.

This is an URGENT matter. Please act. An innocent man’s life is at stake.


One Response to Call Georgia Governor for Troy Davis!!

  1. wordzenpix says:

    I just called the governor’s office to ask for a delay to the execution. The secretary heard me out briefly but failed to ask for my information to record the call. When pressed, she admitted they don’t keep track of calls, claiming the governor has no authority to stop the execution, a board does. I insisted that if the governor leaned on the board, they’d likely listen. She was still not interested in anything further. Her attitude was cold and detached. Troy Davis may be innocent, but he’s still a black man, and apparently that doesn’t count for much in Georgia. I’m ashamed that my family is from there. I won’t be going back.

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