Help Save Troy Davis!

Below are some suggested actions, from the National Coalition to End the Death Penalty, that can be taken to help save the life of Troy Davis, an innocent man on death row. The death machine in Georgia has been trying to execute Troy for years and now they are getting very close again.

The execution date is only twelve days from today.

It is time to act!!!

It is time to fight, harder than ever, for Troy Davis’ life!!!!

1. Hold a petitioning event in your community for Troy.
Think through meetings, events, church services, farmer’s
markets, bus stops, busy intersections, etc that might be
good places to collect signatures for Troy. Fact sheets,
petitions, and clemency letters are available here.

2. Use social media sites like facebook and twitter to
share the online petition, news about Troy, and show
support by changing your profile picture.

3. Write a letter to the editor, article for your school
newspaper, or blurb in your church bulletin about Troy’s
case. Contact local radio stations and ask them to cover
the case.

4. Organize a speakout for Troy. Gather friends,
activists, and concerned community members to a prominent
place in your town to show support for Troy with banners,
signs, and materials about his case. Check in with Amnesty
chapters at campuses in your area and see if they have a
speakout planned.

5. Call (404.656.5651), e-mail
(, and fax (404.651.8502) the
Board of Pardons and Paroles and voice your support for

6. Make a short video that explains why you support Troy
Davis. These are being collected and broadcast over
youtube. Contact for more


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