Rick Perry’s Five Most Controversial Executions

Now that Rick Perry has entered the presidential race his political record as Texas Governor is being scrutinized and there’s plenty unseemly history that will come to light.

One of the most despicable aspect of his politics is his zealous support of the death penalty and it shows as the gruesome record of executions carried out during his time in office has easily outnumbered the executions carried out during George Bush’s time as Texas Governor. A grotesque achievement for Rick Perry.

Even worse is the track record of dubious decisions surrounding many death penalty cases in which Perry ignored concrete evidence that pointed towards possible innocence. It hardly made him take pause. Perry gave the go ahead for every execution to happen.

The list of controversial cases in the article below is in no way comprehensive.

Tragic and horrific.

Even more so if someone like Perry ends up having a legitimate chance of becoming US President.

Beyond Cameron Todd Willingham: Rick Perry’s Five Most Controversial Executions

Since Rick Perry declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination last week, much ink has been spilled over the controversy surrounding his decision as governor to execute Cameron Todd Willingham—a man whose innocence was advocated by many investigative reports, including a popular investigation by David Grann in The New Yorker.

But with 234 executions and counting under Perry’s belt, Willingham hardly represents the only figure whose case and subsequent execution has became the subject of controversy.

Here’s a list of the top five most questionable cases beyond that of Willingham.

Click here to view the entire article


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