Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) 40th anniversary edition DVD released

Very exciting news.

Finally released on DVD is the documentary Our Latin Thing which captures a seminal event in the history of Latin music.

The Fania All-Stars performance at the Cheetah Club in NYC in 1971.

After the enormous success of the documentary when it was first released the group collectively and individually went on to major stardom as they gave birth to and delivered to the world a brilliant, rich, vibrant, high octane music that would become known as Salsa.

The members of The Fania All-Stars are literally a who’s who of Latin music.

Ray Barretto, Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, Johnny Pacheco, Larry Harlow and many others.

It was an extraordinary assemblage of talent. Truly one of a kind.

The Puerto Rican and New York Latino artists featured in Our Latin Thing launched a revolution that changed Latin music forever.

Fortunately, the beginning of the Salsa revolution was filmed as it happened. Our Latin Thing is a powerful, living, document that will remain with us forever.


It Happened One Night at the Cheetah

The performance at Cheetah on Aug. 26, 1971, immortalized in the film.

EARLY in the salsa documentary “Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa),” a 40th anniversary version of which will be released Tuesday, the master percussionist Ray Barretto is asked what he wants the movie to accomplish. He responds that he hopes it will become a vehicle through which “our Latin music and culture goes out all over the world.”

In 1971 Latin music barely existed on the margins of American consciousness. But Mr. Barretto, who died in 2006 at 76, was prescient. If salsa is today a globally popular and influential dance music style, that is due in no small part to “Our Latin Thing,” which documents a concert by the Fania All-Stars at the Cheetah club on 52nd Street in Manhattan on Aug. 26, 1971, and the chain of events it set in motion.

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