The future of CREEM magazine

Jason Turner maintains that his plans to revive Creem are still on track, despite a long-running legal battle over ownership of the magazine and an inability to pay its employees.

Steve Baltin had been toiling as a freelance music writer for a decade when an entrepreneur named Jason Turner approached him a year ago about resurrecting Creem magazine, the irreverent and sardonic publication that defined rock in the 1970s. The offer to edit a once-famous magazine was tempting, to say the least.

“He talks a very good game, and he has these grand ambitions of creating this vast music network,” Mr. Baltin said. “I’m old enough to have grown up with Creem, and like many people who were hooked into this, I was excited about being involved.”

But a year later Mr. Turner’s plans to revive Creem appear bogged down in financial and legal problems. Mr. Baltin says he was never paid the salary he was promised; freelancers he hired haven’t received their payments either.

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