New Miles Davis Bootleg Series Released

Columbia has had alot of success with their Bob Dylan Bootleg Series. It’s been a big hit with fans and critics.

They’ve now chosen Miles Davis to market a Bootleg Series around.

No complaints from me.

It’ll be interesting to see what music they will choose going forward.

The first release in the series looks terrific.

Several European shows from Miles great 60’s quintet.

MILES DAVIS QUINTET – Live In Europe 1967 – The Bootleg Series Vol.1 (3CD / 1DVD)

Pre-order ‘MILES DAVIS QUINTET – Live In Europe 1967 – The Bootleg Series Vol.1’ featuring Miles Davis’ “Second Great Quintet” featuring WAYNE SHORTER, HERBIE HANCOCK, RON CARTER and TONY WILLIAMS — arguably the single greatest small group ensemble in jazz history.

The recordings from their 1967 European tour are some of the only existing documentation of the band performing compositions from the extraordinary series of studio albums they made between 1965-1967 — E.S.P., Miles Smiles, Sorcerer and Nefertiti.

Now fans can hear live versions of “Agitation” (from E.S.P.), “Footprints” and “Gingerbread Boy” ( from Miles Smiles), “Masquelero” (from Sorcerer ) and “Riot” (from Nefertiti); PLUS, Miles revisits some of the earlier classics he had been performing for years — “Round Midnight”, “On Green Dolphin Street”, I Fall In Love Too Easily” and “No Blues” — all in strikingly different interpretations from the original studio versions.

Seeing this band in action only further emphasizes their near supernatural rapport!

Click here to view the entire track list and track list notes


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