Marx Reloaded

Marx has been declared dead so many times and yet the man and his ideas are resurrected again and again.

It is perfectly understandable.

Marx’s economic writings remain as relevant and influential as ever because they are the most clear and cogent analysis of world capitalism, its inner workings and its inherent contradictions, which are responsible for the constant unleashing of economic havoc.

The devasting effects always fall on working people.

Marx had it right way back in his time when he foretold Globalization long before it became a reality, his theories of Alienated Labor, Wage Labor and Capital, Labor Power, Labor Theory of Value, Commodity Fethisism, just to mention a few examples, are all theories that have not just endured through the ages, they carry the same economic and political force today because they are indisputable, they are the truth.

Something as simple as following the news is all the confirmation one needs.

The hatred towards Marx by his class enemies continues unabated, even in the year 2011 they try desperately to discredit him.

They fail.

I’m not a fan of Zizek but I think his description of the current economic conditions is completely on point:

“We are in deep shit.”

As clear as it can be said.


6 Responses to Marx Reloaded

  1. NDP says:

    Marx is alive and well, just coming up against increasing resistance, people who are keen to bury him and protect profits.

  2. I agree that Marx is more relevant today than ever, especially since, as you point out, we are living in times in which many of his predictions have come to fruition.

    We are saturated with pro-capitalist propaganda at every level, urged to celebrate the individual as opposed to the society and to seek “freedom” as opposed to justice, so that we clownishly and fervently pursue and support policies that are ultimately detrimental to our own well-being.

    Love him or hate him Zizek is always very entertaining, and I have found a few of his observations to be quite profound. For those interested in stepping outside the propaganda and rhetoric and taking a hard, objective look at the paradigm in place, the only conclusion that one can come to is that we are indeed “in deep shit.”

    To resist is the only conscionable response, and I like to look to active and constructive movements like the Zapatista movement and their ‘caracoles’ in Chiapas for hope and inspiration.

  3. thehealer31 says:

    It is so true what you say about how we are saturated with pro-capitalist propaganda. We begin to experience it at such an early age, as soon as we start school and throughout our lives. The corporate media, of course, is one of the biggest mouth pieces and disseminators of the propaganda. As Karl Marx said: The ideas of the ruling class are the ruling ideas of society.

    To resist is the only real option we have. I totally agree with you but there are alot of sleeping minds that need to be awoken.

  4. thehealer31 says:

    As far as Zizek, he is entertaining. No doubt.

    But I take issue with many of his political positions, on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, being an apologist for NATO bombings, etc..

    • I find it hard (or maybe just overwhelming) to sift through all of Zizek’s sniffy-nosed ramblings to actually pin him down on a specific opinion on many political issues. What i enjoy about him is his ability to question/criticize/ridicule the over-arching conceptual paradigms we as a society choose to live in – very psychological as opposed to directly political (although the Marxist is indeed there!)

      What are his views on Israel-Palestine / where do you take issue? Big question I know – sorry. I’ve researched a couple of articles he wrote, but nothing too shocking. If you have the time and inclination to send me links to something to read I’d enjoy checking it out.

      Either way, thanks as always for the thoughts and discussion!

  5. thehealer31 says:

    Zizek is against a two-state solution, has openly argued against a boycott of the illegal Israeli settlements.

    Zizek has been an apologist for the NATO bombing of Kosovo and he has also been known to make discriminatory comments about immigrants, Muslims and Gypsys (Roma.)

    As entertaining as he may be, I just do not have any use for him politically.

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