Ferbos still tooting his horn at 100

100 years old and still blowing that horn, still performing and still creating beautiful music.

How inspiring!!!

May the flame continue burning bright.

Ferbos still tooting his horn at age 100
By Geraldine Wyckoff

If he wishes to, Lionel Ferbos has the lung power to blow out all 100 candles adorning a glowing cake on his birthday on July 17, 2011. That the trumpeter and singer, who hits the century mark on that day, boasts the ability to lead his band every Saturday night at the Palm Court and practice his horn daily, proves he’s up to the task. Dispelling any doubts is the fact that Ferbos has been playing trumpet for an amazing 85 years. He’ll again be back at it during his weekend birthday celebration at the Palm Court. He’ll be on stage for his regular spot on Saturday, July 16, and as the guest of honor on July 17.

“The trumpet is a very demanding instrument on your body, your breath, your lip,” says fellow jazz trumpeter Wendell Brunious, who still remembers that it was Ferbos who installed gutters on his parents’ 7th Ward home back in 1949. “He could put on gutters seamlessly. He was as good at his trade as on his trumpet. Lionel is the last of the Creole trumpeters,” Brunious continues. “He was schooled so that’s why his reading is so great.”

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