2 Responses to Budrus

  1. Unfortunately the Zionist elements within Israeli society have learned the Machiavellian lessons from history and have conveniently ignored the moral ones; having done so the Oppressed have become the Oppressors.

    Back in 97 I was living in the Middle East and was able to witness first hand the shocking reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, largely ignored in the US press and unflinchingly maintained by the US’ veto of every UN Resolution critical of Israeli policies towards Palestinians.

    One important element to the solution is to educate Americans about this reality so that they will begin to demand a change to the US’ policies towards Israel; ultimately more important, though, as this video shows, are Israelis and Palestinians recognizing each other’s humanity and rights and deciding to put violence behind them as they come together to take a peaceful and unified stand against the genocidal policies in place. Thanks for posting.

  2. thehealer31 says:

    I agree that Americans need to be educated about the issue but the US corporate media coverage is completely one sided in favor of Israel.

    Always has been.

    I think it’ll remain very difficult for the average American to have an informed opinion about the conflict since most Americans depend on the corporate media for their news information and analysis.

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