Dennis Brutus

Your beautiful, powerful poetry and your lifelong fight against racism, apartheid and social injustice will never be forgotten. It will always be an inspiration.

RIP Brother

I am a rebel and freedom is my cause
Many of you have fought similar struggles
therefore you must join my cause:
My cause is a dream of freedom
and you must help me make my dream reality:
For why should I not dream and hope?
Is not revolution making reality of hopes?
Let us work together that my dream may be fulfilled
that I may return with my people out of exile
to live in one democracy in peace.
Is not my dream a noble one
worthy to stand beside freedom struggles everywhere?


2 Responses to Dennis Brutus

  1. thought you & your readers might be interested in a new documentary, Fair Play, which tells the story of the anti-apartheid movement sports boycotts Brutus played such a key role in. Here’s a trailer:

  2. Those words are powerful and ring so true. His spirit still lives with us. His goal is our goal as well.

    Jazz Music

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