Genocide in Gaza


Genocide is exactly the right word to describe what is taking place in Gaza.

The Israeli propaganda machine and their media allies in the West are doing their best to demonize Hamas, as they continue to promote the idea that it was Hamas that provoked Israel into attacking Gaza, therefore it is Hamas who are primarily responsible for the war crimes that the Israeli military is committing.

However, it was Israel that broke the truce with Hamas, back on November 5th, with an attack that killed six Palestinians. Until that point, the Palestinians had abided by the 5-month-old truce, only firing rockets after Israel attacked.

Now, eleven days into its savage invasion of Gaza, Israel is still claiming that they are zeroing in on “Hamas targets” but those targets continue to be hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure.

There are numerous human rights groups and news organizations that
are exposing the lies that the Israeli government is telling about the supposed targets of its attacks.

Because of Israel’s ground offensive the majority of the population in Gaza are without electricity, a large number are without water, food shortages are rampant and sewage flows in the streets.

Meanwhile, the toll of Palestinians killed and wounded continues to rise at a fast pace as Israel intensifies its air and ground assault on the largely defenseless and starved Gaza Strip.

And Israel is, as usual, preventing medical and humanitarian responses. All of this deepening an already catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

So, what is president-elect Obama’s view on what is happening in Gaza? Any public statements?

The silence is deafening.

The current U.S. administration is, of course, blocking any and all proposals calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

People in the U.S., whose government is the chief backer of Israel, and the masses all over the world must mobilize opposition to Zionist brutality and demonstrate complete solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza as they continue to fight for their survival.


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