5 Artists That Are Making Us Question Our Assumptions About Latin Jazz

At its most basic level, good music forces us to reflect upon ourselves and question our lives. Music speaks volumes about culture, from the most established concepts to the ever-changing modern edge. When we hear inspiring music, it should make us examine our relationship to culture and consider recent changes in our own communities.

Tradition shines through music in many ways, like a clear picture of the way that things have always been done. As the world changes and we move into the future, we need to make decisions about evolving traditions. History comes alive through recordings and performances, reminding us of the past while forcing us to look into the future.

Each song, album, and performance relates to a moment in history, and with our related memories come questions about how these events affected our lives. The basic idea of preference comes into play as well, as we sort through the vast array of choices before us. Our choices change over time, making us ask why we enjoy the music we choose. Our answers to all these questions shape our core beliefs and define our identities – once we ask them.

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