Peter Camejo

Peter Camejo passed away early this morning.

I had the great privilege of hearing some of his political talks in person and even had the opportunity to talk to him on occasion. I met him for the first time when I was member of the Green Party in New York and spent a little more time around him later on when I was a member of a Socialist organization.

I just learned about his death, as I’ve been out of the house all day. Peter was diagnosed with cancer and had been fighting it.

I’m terribly saddened by the news and I’m writing down some immediate thoughts about a person who impacted my life, who influenced my political views and my political development.

Peter was a brilliant, charismatic speaker and possessed a superb political mind. He also had a great sense of humor and the talent to make you laugh even while in the midst of a serious political conversation or talk.

I was always deeply impressed with his sharp analysis of US politics and society, he had an ability to make political arguments that were so solid that it left little room, if any, for any type of critique or even response. Peter was also one of the first people whose writings on Socialist ideas I had read when I began to immerse myself in those kind of political theories and he just always broke things down in such a clear manner, even concepts that I had tried to study on my own but just found to be brain numbing.

And he was a political activist of the highest order, he was part of the class struggle and fought for a different type of society, for a socially and economically just country, for a better world.

I must also say that as a fellow Latino, Peter inspired me a great deal. In the years that I was actively involved in political activism and organizing on the Left, in all the time that I spent in progressive political circles, I had never met or known a Latino quite like Peter Camejo. He was an extraordinary person, he was someone that I really looked up to.

His passing is a huge loss to these yet to be United States. But his writings, his ideas, his actions and his example will endure forever.

It was my privilege to have known him.

Que en paz descanse.


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