New Issue Of Traveling Soldier Is Out!

This issue features:

1. “This is bullshit and I’m calling you out Uncle Sam!”

2. Iraq Veterans Against The War Report on Outreach To GIs:

“95-98% Were Very Receptive” writes Iraq vet Wendy Barranco

3. “The only way to stop Vietnam was for we the lowly jarheads and grunts to take our fingers off the triggers and say no” says a Vietnam Vet.

4. “Bridging the Gap, Making It Happen” – Outreach To The Troops

Report on the April 5th Military Project Organizers’ Conference in New York City, April 5, 2008

5. Beware Of Useless Drugging For PTSD:

“Reliving A Traumatic Experience By Writing Or Talking About It Is The Only Therapy Proved Effective By Independent Research”

Click here to read the entire issue


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