Bob Dylan on Barack Obama

From an interview this week with the Times of London. Dylan discusses art, music, a followup to his Chronicles book and weighs in on the Democratic nominee in this year’s election.

Considering that Dylan is usually not too prone to talk about politics and politicians, it’s interesting to take note of what he has to say, whether one agrees or disagrees with his views.

I find it unfortunate to hear an artist that I admire so greatly make statements such as Obama is redefining what a politician is and that he represents change when in reality his campaign is bankrolled by Wall Street and he is as committed to U.S. militarism and defending U.S. imperial interests as much as any other politician from the two corporate parties in power.

Dylan too has fallen for the Obama phenomenon.

Anyhow, it appears, at least to me, that his comments are sort of an endorsement of Obama. That would be an even rarer thing for Dylan. I don’t think he has ever publicly made a political endorsement.

Politics aside, according to the article another volume of the ongoing Bootleg Series will be released this year. Covering the years that the “Time Out Of Mind” and Love & Theft” albums were made. Just to think that unreleased music from those sessions might be made available is really exciting news.

Asked about his views on American politics, he said: “Well, you know right now America is in a state of upheaval. Poverty is demoralising. You can’t expect people to have the virtue of purity when they are poor.”

“But we’ve got this guy out there now who is redefining the nature of politics from the ground up…Barack Obama.”

“He’s redefining what a politician is, so we’ll have to see how things play out. Am I hopeful? Yes, I’m hopeful that things might change. Some things are going to have to.”

He added: “You should always take the best from the past, leave the worst back there and go forward into the future.” ”

Full Interview


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