Weekend ramble

So, another weekend is here and I’m trying to mentally map out all the free time ahead while listening to Spain’s “She haunts my dreams” which is a quietly disarming album full of songs that are either about a succession of failed relationships or one really traumatic breakup. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to it and I’m not even sure what made me reach for it today but if I wasn’t newly married I might sink into a bout of depression or something listening to this thing.

Anyways, I bought a couple of documentaries about the war this week that I’m going to watch though I’m not sure exactly when. I find that unlike before, I now need to be in a certain state of mind to be able to sit down and watch anything related to the war. It might be that I’ve already seen so many films about Iraq that I can’t sustain the mental energy that I had in the past in analyzing, intellectualizing, emotionalizing the devastation that’s been inflicted upon the people of Iraq.

It might also be the helplessness and pessimism that I feel politically. There is no exit or end coming to this war. Not even on the horizon. The anti-war movement and the Left can’t even unite and work together to end a very unpopular war and the politicians, including those trying to get elected president, are not going to end the war.

A sad state of affairs.

I also bought Geraldo Rivera’s new book about the current anti-immigrant hysteria and racist campaign against Latinos. I don’t have any high expectations politically about the book but I am curious though, to check out what a high profile, one of the few actually, Latino figure in the mainstream media has to say about the issue.

I did want to go to the movies this weekend but there’s nothing even remotely interesting playing. It’s just the usual, endless array of crap released to keep the masses entertained.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I did pick up a documentary about Thelonious Monk that is loaded with previously unseen live performances and private footage.

My mood is already becoming sunnier.


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