Mister Vice President So

killing Iraqis by the hundreds of thousands So

sending young Soldiers dead So

back to their mothers So

back to their wives dead So

back to their children dead So

then you have the nerve to tell Congress

there are no checks on your powers

so Mister So you can do anything you want to

you are free to go on killing

with your mechanical heart

that ticks away lives like a clock

for five years now as you go to Walter Reed

to have the doctors reset

the amount of Iraqi lives you have killed

the amount of dead Soldiers

the amount of the wounded

who will never be the same

because you are not human as they reset

the white crosses in Arlington Cemetery

and they can’t put God inside you

because you rejected him years ago

you now think you are God

So free to say

who lives and who dies

but beware because many a Soldier

would like to stick his 45

in your careless mouth pull the trigger So

he can watch your evil brain

splatter all over the White House lawn

throw your carcass into the Potomac

watch the carp eat you

but hope your dead flesh don’t kill the fish So

because that is all you do

you don’t feel any remorse So

neither will the Solder

who kills you.

– Dennis Serdel, Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, Americal Div. 11th Brigade, purple heart


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