The Neville Brothers

They performed last night at the local Jazz fest where I live. It was the opening night of the 3 day festival.

After a really sad day with the Sean Bell verdict, the aftermath and all, it was a great relief to have been able to see the Neville Brothers last night. They put on a great show.

The concert kicked off with a fantastic and super funky version of “Fire On The Bayou”. From there Cyril Neville took over the proceedings and led the group on a rousing “Tipitana’s” with Cyril asking how many people in the crowd were from New Orleans and how many people have been to Tipitina’s, the legendary club located in the Uptown section of New Orleans. Judging by the crowd response there was a good number of people from N.O. present.

The group played for almost 2 hours. So many highlights:

Aaron Neville singing “A Change is Gonna Come” and “Tell It Like It Is”

A block of Mardi Gras songs that had people shakin’ up and down and all around.

Charles Neville was brilliant on the saxophone, all night. Soulful, bluesy, funky. All that.

The band came back on stage for a fabulous encore. Aaron first, with a beautiful, out of this world, performance of “Amazing Grace” and the band closed things out with a spirited version Bob Marley’s “One Love”.

It was a real privilege to have seen the Neville Brothers perform. They are truly special and a gift to the world.


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