Fania Newsletter – March 2008

March Newsletter 2008


Album of The Month

As part of its successful “A Man and His Music” musical anthology double CD series, Fania Records released Rubén Blades: A Man and His Music. The exciting, hard-hitting career retrospective includes the most vital compositions by the man known as the “Poet of Salsa” and it’s the definitive musical document of Rubén Blades’ Fania years.

Fania on Film

Over the years Fania’s red-hot tracks have graced many Hollywood films, TV shows and commercials in America and around the world. The following are a few upcoming film projects featuring the sounds of Fania!

Humbolt Park

John Leguizamo’s film about family life in a Chicago Puerto Rican neighborhood, Humbolt Park will feature the acclaimed Fania track “Alma Con Alma” by the legendary conguero Ray Berretto. Directed by Alfredo De Villa, Humbolt Park blends drama and comedy with an all-star cast. Expect further updates

Celia The Queen

The one and only Celia Cruz captured the hearts and minds of millions of music lovers around the world. Now, for the first time, the true story of the iconic salsa queen is being told in the new major documentary Celia The Queen. Directed by Joe Cardona and Mario De Varona, Celia The Queen is to be released in late 2008 and features clips and songs from Celia’s heyday with Fania. The film, guaranteed to be a fan favorite, is still in production. Expect further updates and details about Celia the Queen in the upcoming months.

Paraiso Travel

A new beautiful and surreal film directed by Simon Brand about the adventures of an immigrant Colombian couple in New York City. The film’s score features Ray Barretto’s boogaloo classic “El Watusi” and Willie Colón’s salsa classic “Ausencia.”

Fania on Print

Fania’s extraordinary artists’ roster includes some of the biggest names in the history of popular Latin music and so it’s no surprise that four of its key artists are being featured in the book, Latin Legends by People En Español.

Showcasing exclusive pictures and stories from the top Latin entertainers in the world, Latin Legends will brings to life the lives of 100 top Latinos in the entertainment business. The book includes Fania legends like La Lupe, Willie Colón, Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz. The tome is to published in the United States as bilingual edition and should be a must-have for the discerning Latin culture aficionado.

Fania On Tour

All around the world Fania Legends continue to bring their music to adoring fans, the following are recent and upcoming tour dates from Fania greats.

Willie Colón in Spain, Venezuela and Puerto Rico

Keeping a busy schedule, the original bad boy of salsa Willie Colón had a massive show in Madrid this past March 2nd. The tour continues in Isla Margarita in Venezuela on March 21st

From there, Willie comes to Puerto Rico in March 30th for a colossal show at the renowned Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan. The March 30th concert celebrates Puerto Rico’s “El Día Nacional de La Salsa” (The National Day of Salsa) and should be one of the year’s highlights for salsa lovers in the island. For more info visit

Ismael Miranda in Miami.

The famed “Pretty Boy of Salsa” Ismael Miranda performed to more than a million people at the 30th anniversary of the Calle Ocho Carnival in Miami FL on March 17th. The appearance marked the return Ismael Miranda to Miami audiences.

Stay tuned for more Fania artists on tour!

Fania New Acquisition

By now we all know that Fania is the top Latin record label in the United States, and as a growing company we always expanding our catalog to bring our listeners the best in Latin music. Recent important Fania acquisitions include the recordings of the fames New York Ernie Ensley, who recorded thousands of live performances during 50’s and 60’s. Highlight from the Ensley recordings include Tito Puente at the Palladium in NYC. The Ensley recordings focus on New York’s famed Mambo and are being edited by Fania for future releases.

Harvey Avern, the former CEO of Coco Records and Grammy award winning producer has sold two of his albums to Fania Records: The Harvey Avern Barrio Band and Latin Hustle with Toro. Long out of print and highly sought by collectors, these albums will be release in the near future. Stay tuned for more news of these two new Fania acquisitions.

Fania On Line

The Fania website is undergoing an entire overhaul. The website will feature news, artists bios and many new surprises going live this summer

Expect more info on the new and improved Fania site also be sure to check us on facebook and myspace!

Fania On The Charts

“Besito Pa’ Ti” by La Lupe is hot on the Billboard albums charts, the song reached number one the Hot Airplay Club format and continues to gain popularity on dance floors everywhere. The new remix is included on the new La Lupe compilation Dance With The Queen and it’s available now.

Fania New Releases for March

NYC Salsa Vol.2

Various Artist

A Man And His Music

Ruben Blades


Eddie Palmieri

Bad Breath

Bobby Valentin


Ray Barretto

Greatest Hits

Willie Colón

Fania Upcoming Releases for April

I Like It Like That: Fania Remix

Tu Buen Lo Sbes Héctor Lavoe

Algo Especial Para Recordar Celia Cruz y Tito Puente

Infinito Willie Rosario


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