Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

There is a broken bridge that they call America

between the people and their government.

Stressed out cracked TV’s, broken fractured newspapers

with jagged concrete facts that they call Iraq.

There’s a broken bridge between our Soldiers

and what they were told they were fighting for.

There is a broken bridge across the Euphrates river

like a broken bridge across the Mississippi too.

Rivers of darkness and light that flow

a lightning bolt currents dark and dangerous,

pieces of humans lay at the bottom and who is responsible,

who does not care at all as the rain and sand

fall like teardrops trying to see through the murky waters,

trying to find a way out, trying to stop the bleeding,

trying to kill the cause and Americans

stand and watch the horror of civilization

pounded by combat boots, they want to stop it

but they doubt it like by voting the war away.

Captain Amerika still acting like superman,

the Statue of Liberty is cracking like the economy,

who cares about a war debt, put it on a Chinese credit card,

green back dollars going down and down drowning

another bridge falling into the water.

To the energy poor depression crashed civilians

of a war wreck they once called America,

the Answer is within our Soldiers

when they come back from another tour.

The Answer is within Americans

when they stand behind the Soldiers

when they refuse to deploy on a no way next tour.

– Dennis Serdel, Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, purple heart


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