See Nader Run

Ralph Nader is entering the presidential race as an independent, he announced today on “Meet The Press”.

As usual, his analysis of the social and political problems plaguing the country were lucid and on the mark. As were his comments about the “candidates” running for president who are not addressing some of the most important issues of the day in their campaigns, let alone presenting any ideas or actual plans to take on these issues if elected president. Issues like single payer health insurance, people being fed up with the two party system and clearly wanting more choices on the ballot, ballot access for third party candidates, the insanely high and out of control military spending.

Real issues like repealing anti-worker labor laws, corporate crime, corporate lobbyists running the government.

Nader also deftly responded to the ridiculous accusation that he was responsible for Al Gore losing the 2000 election.

As he said in the interview….”Dissent is the mother of ascent”

Nader is running for president again and liberals will be out in full force, very shortly, denouncing him, slandering him, because in the great american democracy the idea of an independent voice not bankrolled by corporate interests, making a run for the presidency is simply intolerable and abominable. Because in the great american democracy people who do not support the republicans are not entitled to a choice during an election because the democrats own their votes and to not cast their vote blindly, accordingly, for them is simply irresponsible and wrong .


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