Statistics and Numbers

Statistics and Numbers

We live in a world
Consumed by statistics and numbers
With accountants and stock analysts
The CPI index, GDP estimates, and EPS reports

But what does it mean that homeless vets
Resort to begging for food on the streets?
While single mothers work that nine to five
Then six to two just to put shoes on her children’s feet?
That inner city kids are left behind
And off to fend for themselves?

It means
We treat our downtrodden like shit
And no
Humanity isn’t a prerequisite for being a capitalistic
But jail time is a consequence to murder
And if we’re gonna be consumed with arrogance
And drink the red, white and blue
Because our parents did
Then maybe we should invest in the American dream
And fix our social insecurities

Because you’re not a communist
If you want the cyst forming in your
Daughter’s breast checked out by a medical professional
And you’re not a Marxist hippie
If you ask for fuel efficiency standards
That keep up with the rest of the Western world
And while you could 100 dollars for a gallon of milk
Because the free market allows
It doesn’t make it legitimate that you got in the business
And monopolized it

We’ve been taken by the bipartisan rhetoric
By the people, for the people
But when the evil is more than
Just republican or democrat
When the fact is
We’re too lazy, selfish, or helpless to act
We let those numbers become reality

When first world children suffer from malnutrition
When second class citizens can’t afford education
We should rethink which nations we’re invading
Because there is a war going on at home
And the only side fighting
Is the side committing genocide
Against our youth
Our impoverished
Our elderly
And disabled

Yes, we have a bill of rights
And a constitution
But the plight of any democracy
Should include the lower class
And underprivileged

This great system isn’t some magical structure
That’ll always prevail
With out regulation, oversight and adaptive means
It will fail
And not by GDP estimates and housing sales
But by the people, for the people
It’ll fall apart
And when your children can’t afford
A decent living
They’ll wonder
Why the fuck am I working at Dairy Mart

– Remi Kanazi


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