Fania Newsletter – January 2008

Fania Newsletter 2008

Fania DJ Series Presents: Gilles Peterson

From across the pond comes Fania’s exclusive double album by the world-renowned BBC Radio DJ, the brilliant Gilles Peterson. As one of the most successful and respected British DJ’s of his generation, Gilles Peterson is known for his uncanny ability to create seamless mixes of R&B, Soul and Jazz.

An in-demand DJ/producer, Peterson has worked with R&B talents such as Jamiroquai and Erykah Badu. For his Fania DJ Series compilation, Peterson blends rare, hard-hitting Fania tracks to produce a unique mix featuring Latin Soul, R&B and Boogaloo dance stumpers. Songs like “Latin Soul Drive is Here” and “Rush Hour in Hong Kong” showcase a funkier, soulful side of Fania, with special emphasis on the dance floor. This is the perfect record to hear the legendary Fania Sound in a brand new way.

Just in Time For Valentines Day! Concierto de Amor

Love, passion and Fania—Make this Valentines Day an unforgettable event with the “Concierto de Amor.” Strictly for lovers, Fania’s Concierto de Amor features the most romantic songs from the legendary Fania catalog. A must-have for sophisticated Latin Lovers, the new album showcases the all-star talents of Héctor Lavoe, Celia Cruz and many other Fania stars in their most tender and passionate musical moments just in time for a romantic valentines celebration.

Celia Cruz Museum Exhibit Comes to San Antonio

The undisputed “Queen of Salsa” the amazing Celia Cruz is being honored by the prestigious Smithsonian Museum with the exhibition “Azucar.” After a successful run in Washington DC and Miami, the acclaimed “Azucar” exhibit features Cruz’ trademark wigs, rare photos, mementos from her career and of course, some of her most beloved colorful gowns. To mark this historic occasion, Fania has created the ultimate Celia Cruz retrospective: A Lady and Her Music: Azucar! A 2 CD extravaganza brimming with the most unforgettable moments of Celia Cruz’s illustrious musical career—outstanding liner notes, rare photographs and written histories behind the songs that made Cruz the undisputed Queen of Latin music makes this anthology a must have for music fans around the world.

Fania Goes to MIDEM

Fania will be on hand ay this year’s prestigious MIDEM conference to be held in Cannes France. Now on its 42 edition MIDEM gathers the biggest word’s music market professionals under one roof. Starting in January 27th through January 31st , the MIDEM conference reaches all the global markets in all of the sectors: publishing, production, licensing, digital media and distribution. Fania’s presence ensures our commitment to continue our position at the forefront of the music industry.

Featured Album Review

Celia Cruz & Willie Colón: The Winners

One of the most requested and anticipated releases from the Fania catalog is finally available, The Winners, the legendary Cruz-Colón masterpiece.

Consider by many to be the zenith of the Willie Colón and Celia Cruz collaborations, The Winners finds the fantastic duo at the height of their performing abilities. Released in 1987, the album is known for its straight salsa tracks and suave production. As their last collaboration The Winners rebels in the intricate salsa arrangements form Mr. Colón, giving Celia Cruz the opportunity to showcase her iconic vocals. Consisting of eight salsalicious tracks the record marks the end of the golden era for salsa. Classic songs like “El Paraiso” and “Yo Si Soy Veneno” have been individually re-mastered and now posses a cristal-clear digital sound, making the record an essential document for the Cruz- Colón collectors.

Fania History

Heavy Smokin’ The Album that Started a Revolution

One of the most significant releases for Fania has been just re-released, and for the first time with a completely re-mastered sound and liner notes from Larry Harlow. Back in 1964, American Italian lawyer Jerry Masucci and Dominican bandleader Johnny Pacheco invested five thousand dollars to start a new kind of Latin music label.

The two young impresarios believed there was a market for undiluted, Latin music made by talented New York City musicians and for the second album production, signed a youthful Jewish- American pianist by the name Larry Harlow.

Unlike other Latin labels of the that era, Masucci and Pacheco wanted Fania to represent the sound of the New York City streets. In this way, Heavy Smokin’ was to characterize the gritty realities of the City. Rising up to the task at hand, Larry Harllow gave Heavy Smokin into a strong rhythmic character and fused traditional Cuban songs with the American sounds of Jazz and R&B— making the first forays into the genre known as salsa. A masterpiece and pivotal record in the history of American music, Heavy Smokin stands today as a testament to creativity by a young, energetic label willing to take chances and more importantly, as the album that soidify Fania’s position as the home of Latin music. Fully re-mastered Heavy Smoking is available now in CD and for digital download.

New Releases

Con Salsa y Sabor: Charlie Palmieri And Menique
Willie Colon & Tito Puente: Willie Colon & Tito Puente
Fania DJ Series: Gilles Peterson
Fania Live 03 / DJ Sake
Dance With The Queen: La Lupe
Bad Breath: Bobby Valentin
Barretto: Ray Barretto
Greatest Hits Willie Colon
La Quiniela Del Dia: Cortijo y Su Combo Con Ismael Rivera
El Barrio Vol.2: Various
NYC Salsa Vol.2: Various


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