Blogging from NOLA

In town this weekend to take care of wedding business, only 2 months to go before the big day. We got into New Orleans by car on Friday around three o clock in the afternoon right before a weekend that’ll be filled with parades.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go to any of the parades this weekend because of all the wedding related things we have on the schedule and the Mardi Gras parades are not something you can just show up to at the last minute. It takes a whole lot more preparation than that. My soon to be wife is from the NO so of course, Mardi Gras is in her blood. I’m hoping that next year will finally be the year that I completely take in the whole Mardi Gras experience.

As anyone that is from New Orleans or has been there knows food is an enormous part of the city’s culture. In the last 2 days I’ve been on an eating binge or actually just doing what you’re supposed to do when in town.

One of my favorite spots is Perino’s in Marrero. Their shrimp po’ boy dressed (po’ boy means a sandwich and it is loaded with shrimp on a french bread) (dressed means having letuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayonaise on the sandwich) are mouth watering and addictive. It’s the first place that Monique and I stop when we arrive in NO before heading out to her parent’s house in Marrero and inevitably we make many stops there during our stay in town.

We stopped by a local seafood shop in Marrero today and bought some delicious boiled crawfish. I think we we got about 5 pounds. We would’ve gotten more but the prices have gotten ridiculous, almost 4 dollars a pound.

We had dinner tonight in celebration of my birthday at Copeland’s in Harvey and for the first time I tried some crawfish bread. It was so good I had to order a second serving to go.

Tomorrow is of course Super Bowl Sunday……….GO GIANTS !!!!!!!!!! …….but I think we are going to try to head out to the flea market in Algiers in the morning. We like to buy cd’s of some of the great local music. Monique likes to get underground NO hip hop. I personally like, especially this time of the year, to get second line music and load up on soul and r&b cd’s. There is alot of cool artwork to check out too, clothes, jewelry, hats, and plenty of flicks, the not so authorized kind.

We have to leave on Monday so we’re enjoying every minute of every hour of every day to the fullest. That’s what you are supposed to do whenever you are in New Orleans.

It’s Saturday night and it’s Mardi Gras.

Monday is a long time away.


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