Boomerang History

Boomerang History

I believe the U.S. Government will leave Iraq,

when “Shooter Cheney” is arrested for war crimes.


when I learn to fly by jumping off the steps of my

apartment building.

The Bush-Cheney administration “IS” Empire.

Bush will not go down as the worst president in

United States history.

This administration is the “Hitman” administration.

In January 2009, you will see a Barbie Doll make over.

“What America needs is a new direction”

Bull Shit.

The U.S. Empire has to stop being an Empire.

Greed has to stop being greed.

Our dinosaur economy has become someone else’s cemetery.

The oil in Iraq has become U.S. holding tanks.

Excuse me while I get an oil change in the next state.

– Mike Hastie

Vietnam Veteran

January 22, 2008


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