Volunteer Draft

Volunteer Draft

Calling up the National Guard was a draft

adding a tour is a draft

and another and another is a draft

adding a stop loss is a draft

another tour and another tour is a draft

a corrupt and sly system is a draft

a ball and chain Soldier is the draft

a faded yellow ribbon is a draft

civilians that support endless war

is a draft

as long as it’s not them is the draft

civilians patting you on the back

when you come home is the draft

civilians sending you cards and crap

is the draft

driving in the desert is the draft

bullets incoming is a draft

mortars incoming is the draft

hitting an IED is a draft

extending tours is a draft

dying for nothing is a draft

getting wounded is a draft

just wanting go home is the draft

coming home with one arm is a draft

hit with brain damage is the draft

can’t get out of the Army is a draft

can’t get out of the National Guard

is a draft

fighting forever is a draft

feeling like a prisoner is a draft

search and avoid is the draft

trying to survive is the draft

not wanting to fight anymore is the draft

when everything is all messed up is a draft

refusing orders is a draft

fighting for people who hate you

is the draft

fighting for oil is the draft

wanting to just go home and be free

is up to you and against the draft

just kick in the White House door

and arrest the cowards

who avoided the draft

but drafted you.

– Dennis Serdel, Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, Americal Div. 11th Brigade, purple heart.


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