Latino Support for GOP Drops

What’s the alternative for Latinos though? To vote for the Democrats? The same Democrats that support legislation to build a wall on the border. Who are against driver licenses for undocumented immigrants. Who have almost completely sided with Bush and the rest of the Republicans in the immigration debate.

Spending any amount of time and energy to help elect Democrats is self defeating. Supporting and getting involved in the Pro-Immigrant rights movement is the way forward.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric and hysteria is at an all time high in the US along with the mass arrests and discriminatory laws being created and passed all over the country.

Neither corporate party is going to defend the rights of immigrants. All immigrants not just Latinos have to mobilize, build unity and fight for their equality.

Although immigration is not yet a major campaign issue, it is one that presidential hopefuls cannot afford to ignore. At fifteen percent of the population, Latinos form the largest non-white community in the United States, and Latino voters are an increasingly important constituency.

Latino support for the Republicans has been slipping since 2004, when over 40% of Latinos voted for George W. Bush. By 2006, this had dropped to less than 30%. Pollster John Zogby said last year that the Republican campaign against illegal immigration is “a key factor in Hispanic disillusionment.”

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