How things are shaping up for Latin Grammys

The show is kicking off this year with Ricky Martin performing alongside the Blue Man Group. If for no other reason I’ll be tuning in just to see that. Everything else lined up will be the usual fare, nothing different or unusual musically and artistically.

Juan Luis Guerra will be performing once again. Always a highlight. Ruben Blades is taking a break from promoting tourism in Panama to make an appearance as a presenter. An important development in the awards this year is the increase of female artists nominated in male dominated categories.

The quality of the artistry that is often awarded by the Grammys is always debatable but when its all said and done I’m glad that there is an outlet, a large mainstream one, that celebrates Latin music and artists.

How things are shaping up for Latin Grammys

It’s Latin Grammys time again, this time live from Las Vegas, the city where mainstream America goes to escape, and Latinos (now almost a quarter of the area’s population) are a growing presence. This is the eighth annual edition, the third since the show moved from CBS to Univision, and the usual roster of big-name performers and presenters are waiting in the wings.

Among the glitterati are Juan Luis Guerra, Miguel Bosé, Calle 13, Aventura, Elvis Crespo, and Mala Rodríguez.

The award ceremony, which will air 8-11 p.m. Thursday on WXTV/41, will illustrate the uneven nature of the awards’ evolution.

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