Morning Dies

Morning Dies

Absurd mock men

Content in their suppressed gray garb

Suppressed in their minds

What an obscure picture of free will

Smug, big business

Fat on the souls

of the less fortunate

Wealthy grotesque, oblivious

Atrocities of epic nature

Now on your evening news

Commander in chief

A comical thief

A world filled with grief

And the blood flows freely

all through the middle east

There’s blood in his oil

and blood in his smile

He keeps on smiling

all the while

cold masses of dying men

crying women

litter our streets

we must feed the war machine

While he keeps on

lying, prying, buying for time

Oh good people rise

wipe his lies

from your ears and eyes

realize, as morning dies

hear our cries

let truth not find the wayside

– Toby Hartbarger

Toby Hartbarger served in Iraq with the 2nd ACR from May 2003 — August 2004. He joined Iraq Veterans Against the War in 2005.


One Response to Morning Dies

  1. Danielle says:


    I don’t know if the author of this beautiful piece will ever read this, but if you do, I read this and thought it was so beautiful that I put it to music and created a piano part to it. One of the most beautiful pieces of poetry I have ever read. Thank you for your time in Iraq and for risking your life and for this beautiful piece of art you have created.



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