Jerry Rivera Sings Carlos Gardel Tangos With a Salsa Beat

There probably aren’t too many Salsa singers that would even attempt such an endeavor. Jerry Rivera deserves kudos for going forward with this big artistic challenge and for introducing Carlos Gardel and the beauty and brilliance of Tango to a new audience. At the same time he’s definitely leaving himself wide open for all kinds of criticism but that is always the case with artists who choose to follow their creative vision above anything else. Isn’t it?

Jerry Rivera Sings Carlos Gardel Tangos With a Salsa Beat

By Jorge J. Muniz Ortiz — EFE

Puerto Rican salsa singer Jerry Rivera, whose new album “Caribe Gardel” (Caribbean Gardel) went on sale this week, told Efe he would like to be known as a “unique” artist for having met the challenge of blending lyrics and tunes from different genres.

In his latest production, dedicated to the late Argentine musical icon, Rivera melds some of Carlos Gardel’s tango classics and best known ballads including “Volver” (Return), “Cuesta Abajo (Downhill), “Yira Yira,” and “El Dia que Me Quieras” (The Day You Love Me), with salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha and danzon rhythms.

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